10 Ways To Change The World (Part 2)

1. Help people because you are a great person

Not everyone who has a need has made bad choices. After spending time with people I have heard many stories about how people became poor. Sometimes life is just not that kind. There are so many reasons why some people find themselves in bad situations.

Trying to judge why someone is where they are before you stretch out a hand to help is a great way to keep giving yourself an excuse to never reach out to the hurting. In many places that I travel people are poor not because of drugs or lack of education but because they don’t have the basic human rights we have in the US. Sometimes they are born into a hard life and there are no opportunities to help them have the things that we take for granted. You are a great great person, and a generous giver. Even if you haven’t been that great of a person yet, just start today.

2. Do what you can, when you can, and don’t beat yourself up

Say you started volunteering at a nearby shelter in your community, and your job made you miss a couple days. Don’t worry. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t allow a small setback keep you from doing what you want to do. People miss a couple times and then get embarrassed and feel guilty. Don’t buy into that! Every little bit helps. Even if you just say a nice word to someone who is sitting on the corner, or offer up a prayer for someone or maybe even give someone a hug. Most of the time people just need someone to listen to their story.

3. Find something that pulls on your heart-strings and start there

It is easy to read an article, or have an encounter with someone, feel compassion, and want to help. Continuing to help after the initial feeling has left can be difficult. It is much easier to keep doing something that you love and don’t feel obligated to do. Be honest with yourself. If feeding the homeless on Saturday mornings is not what you like but playing basketball with kids in the projects gets you going - do that! Most of us have very demanding jobs and our time is best spent in a place that gives us (and the people we are hanging out with) a smile. People know when you’re doing something because you feel obligated. Do yourself a favor and find what makes you happy. There is a place for you, keep looking if you haven’t found it yet.

3. Money is not always the answer

People don’t need you to throw money at a problem. They need you. Sometimes it seems easier just to give but there is nothing like getting your hands dirty. It’s the principle of teaching people how to fish instead of just giving them fish to eat. Money does help but without the personal touch you make co-dependent people living from hand-out to hand-out. Then people don’t get better they just get funded. If money is your way of giving back then invest responsibly, find clever ways to make people independent. Loan a group of people money for a farm that they work to pay back the cash. Then re-invest that money to fund a new farm, which creates jobs, provides food, breeds responsibility, and changes culture! A little ingenuity goes a long way.

4. One person at a time

The American idea is to get a bunch of people together to try to maximize our output and our gain and investment and everything else. When you are talking about business you are right but this is different. Spending your time investing in one person can be the most important thing you ever do. We don’t need one person running themselves ragged trying to take care of everybody! We need everyone choosing to take time to invest in a few people. Being there for one person or a small group of people is the most effective way to see change. You could be investing your time in the person that cures cancer, or a future president, doctor, lawyer, civil rights champion, or a great mom or dad. 

5. If no one is helping the people you want help then you do it.

A wise man once said that if you see a problem without an answer you may be the one called to provide the solution. You may like riding unicycles and want to teach kids how to ride or maybe you’re a health enthusiast and want to tackle the lack of healthy food in school cafeterias but no one is doing it. Don’t complain - fix it. Don’t sit back idle and get mad every time you see the problem that you were born to fix, FIX IT!

6. Travel and see the world (the real world!)

The world is a big place. There is so much going on! When I set my foot in a trash dump in Eastern Europe and a refugee camp in Palestine, my life changed. I found out how important every single life is. A larger worldview will answer some questions and raise some new ones, but you will be forever changed. It’s worth it. You are worth it

7. Take small steps

Most people will read this, get jazzed up and go out and bite off more then they can chew. I really appreciate your enthusiasm but we need people to make this a lifestyle not a hobby. Helping people isn’t like building the model cars that you gave up 8 years ago. You can’t hide hurting, desperate people like parts and paints sitting in the closet under the other hobbies you lost interest in. Look at your schedule and be honest with what you can do. Start small and increase. Don’t start big and bail out because you’re overwhelmed. Start small, start somewhere.

8. Make Friends

More than anything what will last in your experience are the relationships that you make. Don’t come in as the lone ranger with all the answers to world hunger. Make friends with people. Be open. Be vulnerable. Tell people about yourself. Don’t worry about your life being better or worse than someone else’s. Celebrate diversity. Celebrate people. Take time to get to know people - it will make a huge impact on you and them.

9. Tell your stories

Lets say you have been going and helping in that after school program with the kids from the underprivileged community. Now tell your story to friends, family, colleagues. Tell them how it’s going: even if it’s not going well. Maybe you’re struggling to find common ground with people who do not share your upbringing. That’s ok. Share your stories anyway. The victory is that you are getting out and doing something to change our world. It is ok to let people know you don’t know what you’re doing. It will give people the courage they need to do the same. You will inspire people. Very quickly you’ll become known as the person that helps people. You’ll become a resource for others who also want to help people.

10. It takes time

So you have this plan to save the world in a week. Awesome! Just so you know, most of the time it takes longer then a week. You may have met Jimmy the homeless guy on Monday. By Friday the world will probably still have homeless people and Jimmy may still be homeless, even though you have done all you know to do. That’s ok. These things take time. People way nicer then all of us put together have given their whole lives to social issues. Mother Theresa lived with the poor for years and when she died there were still poor people. Don’t lose the Captain America spirit and tenacity. Don’t give up. Keep loving - regardless of what you see. Sometimes it may seem like things aren’t changing but you are making a difference - even if it is to just one. Let that one be one in a million. You can be someone’s answer to prayer.

10 Ways To Change The World (Part 1)

How does an ex pro football player go from the field to the trash dumps?  That’s a great question - and just so you know; I have the answer.

It all started with my incredible family. They always had a bed open for the drifter to sleep in and a couple of bucks for the homeless guy on the corner. They were good about upholding the Golden Rule. I remember them giving me a dollar to give to ‘pan-handle Joe’. They always made sure that I said “God bless you.” They would go to low-income sub-developments and deliver food to single moms and the elderly. We even took care of foster kids for 8 years. They were (and still are) the Cosby family for sure.

Just because my parents were writing chapters for mother Theresa it didn’t mean that I initially caught the bug. I was somewhat of a nice guy but I would turn away when someone was holding up a cup full of change. I would create a scenario in my mind for the homeless man on the corner - if he really wanted to get off the streets he could get a job; I know McDonald’s is hiring! Or maybe he should get off drugs and then he could make something of himself. I even caught myself thinking I was exempt from taking care of the poor, because surely my family had done enough good for people in need.

With that said (and the germinating seed of social responsibility firmly planted by my family), I started playing football.  I grew up in Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin, about 25 miles from the famous 6th Street and the live music capitol of the world. Our town shut down every Friday night for football games just like the hit TV show Friday Night Lights. Needless to say, I had a great high school experience, and continued on playing football for the Longhorns at the University of Texas (Hook ’Em!). I spent 5 exhilarating years bleeding orange and putting bowl rings on my fingers. We won almost all the games we played. I was a champion. Then I went to the Detroit Lions, and we lost as many games as we won. I basically lived the high life: throwing cold-shoulders to the hurting. I was a Rock Star with a football. I had no faith or moral compass to lead me. After a freak knee injury and a slew of other injuries, my promising career was cut short. I found myself back in Austin. I was hurt, frustrated, and had a classic case of athlete abandonment issues. Oh, how the friends disappear when there is no more money or status!

I think the worst part about thinking that money and fame would make me happy was actually getting what I wanted - and still being desperately unhappy. I spent my money and my heart on things that didn’t matter, and when that was over and there was nothing left, I decided to return to the only thing I had known. I returned to my faith, and helping people just like my parents. My plans changed. I began to love God - and His people.

With renewed purpose, youth, and the world in front of me, I turned to a little passion that I’d had practically since birth. I turned to music, and making a living as a musician, and a songwriter. Wait… an athlete that can sing and play the guitar? It’s crazy, I know. Music has always been the thing that makes smile. I always loved music more than football, but football taught me so much.  

After football I went through a bushel of jobs! I sold cell phones, tried real-estate, was a youth counselor, and worked in camps for kids but nothing stuck until I ran into an organization that raises money for orphaned kids, widows, and the poor. They took me to some of the poorest places on the planet and for some reason I found a deep, fulfilling joy that I didn’t have when I had money and fame. These people had no food but they would dance and play music and laugh all day long. They had nothing but were showing me how to live. My priorities changed in the trash dumps and the poorest communities on earth. I realized that money and fame can’t bring happiness. Love, and loving people well is what is truly valuable. Through the ups and downs of life, and all my experiences to date, I have finally found what makes me smile. I love making great music, and helping the poor. Super simple and super easy!

I have been working with trash dump communities in very impoverished places around the world. I am starting a non-profit that brings fresh food to people and plays music to them to lift their spirits. My plan has been to feed people and then play music for them. I play shows in the US and I take shows around the globe to people who may never be able to afford a ticket to come to a music venue. There is no better way to make a connection than to eat a meal and listen to some great music. I have found my way, my niche, and my personal angle of impact on this planet. I also plan to take people with me to see these places and do the same as I have, to help put life into perspective. Not everyone needs to sing or play an instrument. Everyone can bring a smile to people who don’t have anything.

What does all that have to do you with making a difference in the world around you? Great question! I came up with a couple of hints and tips on how to make a lasting impact on the world. (Part 2 will start here hahahaha)

My today makes a sweet tomorrow

Today was special, very simple but full of pleasure. It is good to live in a city that has choices, for my pallet and for my eyes. I spent time with my love and her son today. She inspires me to explore and do new things. I am just getting back from tour and it was a small tour (10 shows 10 days) but it was action packed. This city brings me creativity and makes me want to write songs and so does my little San Fran family. The sun was awake today so I had to be awake. #music #sanfran #hayesvalley #sunnyday #girlfriend #creative #songs #myday