This song is a response to the pressure of the world to be in the 9-5 groove. The 9-5 is not wrong but it's not the only way to live out here. SO SO SO much STRESS out there and it is easy to lose site of what is important... like love, passion, and people. At the end of the day the people around you matter and I like to make sure they know I got them.



Songwriting don’t always happen the same way for me. I wish I could bottle up the "flow" so I could access it 24/7 - but for now I just ride the wave when it comes. I wrote the idea and melody for TEXAS on vacation in Napa. I heard a gospel/soul hum while a friend was talking. The melody struck me and I wrote that sample on the spot. The rest of the song just flowed. It was pure magic...


Hold Me

I wrote this song one day when I was playing the guitar thinking about the moments when the night is over and it is time to go home. The time when you are holding your love close and you never want them to let you go. I realized that even though I may be strong I need someone to hold me close as if it was the last time, like I am the last piece of their soul. Everyone wants love even the strong!